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Bene Asai Vespa Shop...

Restored and customized original Vespa scooters for sale, and ready to be shipped all over the world!!

Bene Asai Vespa Shop. Specialized in classic Vespa Scooters. We are located in Bali, Indonesia.

We do our restoratin for the local market, and you can also enjoy our quality in the rest of the world. Restoration with European Style and quality.
Bene Asai Vespa Shop are certified FIVA inspector (Federation International Vehicles Ancient is check the originallity and quality of every Vespa scooter.
We do hight quality restoration with all new spareparts. You can customize your own Vespa, take some ideas from our galleries. We also have fully restored Vespa scooter in stock.

Bene Asai Vespa Shop (Bali) - Customize your own Vespa

Our work


ur Scooters are completely restored, and besides you can customize your own Vespa. Take a look at our restoration process, or takes some ideas from our galleries.

Bene Asai Vespa Shop (Bali) - Stock available



e ship our Classic Vespa to any location around the world, and also discover our special wholesale prices contact us!!

Vespa Models

Vespa Faro Basso & 50’s years. Handlebar

This Vespa model was first produced in 1.948. Some models of vespas were made before but not in series or comercialized for everyone.
There are a few versions of these models with some little variants in the sidepanel, handlebar, etc… but 90% they are the same.
They were produced in Italy before export to other factories around the world, and there are also some differece between models depending on the country where they were initially produced.

Vespa Primavera & PTS Smallframe

The Vespa had been extremely popular thoughout 1950´s but by the early 60’s it became clear that new designs were needed to keep Piaggio at the forefront of scooter sales.
One problem hindering sales were new rules and regulations in place in many European countries that limited who was qualified for a motorcicle license. Fifty cubic centimeter motor were exempt from these licence and age restrictions. And Piaggio decided to jump into theis niche with a new scooter. It was an area of the market that had previosly been the exclusive purview of mopeds.
Piaggio’s decision to enter this market and build the Smallframe, Vespa proved to be one of the best choices they ever made, the vespa 50 ended up being the highest selling scooter in Piaggio’s history and one of the highest selling vehicles of all time. Indeed, they were so popular that the classic-styled Smallframe were produced from the early 1960’s up until just a few years ago.

Models of Vespa available

The most common are Vespa Super VBC and Sprint VLB from the 60s and 70s, and Vespa VBB from the 60s. Also PTS Smallframe.
We can also offer you some Sidecars models.

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