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May I customize my scooter?

Choose your favourite colors and costumize your personal Vespa. Lines, shapes, drawings ... or wathever you want. Tell us and we'll do it for you.  Look at our galleries and takes ideas

Can I rent a scooter?

Bene Asai does not rent scooters anymore. Anyway you can send us a mail and we'll see what we can do

Where are the Vespas from ?

They are genuine Vespa Italian. The Vespas&Lambrettas were imported to Bali from Piaggio&Innocenti - Italy more than 30 years ago. We sell only restored original Italian made Vespa scooters.

What models of scooter are we specialiazed in?

We specialize in Vespa VBB (mfg.1960-1967), VBC (mfg. 1965-1979), VLB (mfg. 1965-1974). Check out our scooter galleries.

Where are the spare-parts from?

They come from OEM manufactures in India, China, Taiwan, Italy and Bali. We also make stainless steel parts ourselves.

What are the frame numbers?

The frame numbers/engine numbers are all original and we tell you by inquiry.

What work have been done at the Vespas?

Look at our restoration process.

Are the tires new ?

Yes, of course.

Where do you deliver the Vespa?

We deliver our Vespa scooter all around the world. Please ask us for details.

How do you deliver the Vespa?

We deliver with an international shipping company and by Air service as well. Please read our Shipping and Packing page for detail..

What are the costs of the delivery?

It depens on your country among many other things. Please ask us for details.

How can I pay?

Prepaid by wire transfer to our bank account or credit card via Paypal.

What payment method do you accept ?

Bank wire transfer, Paypal. Please read Payment for detail.

Which papers come with the Vespa?

All Vespa are delivered with a Full set of Documents including docs for customs clearance and new registration papers.

How could I bring the Vespa on the road ?

Please ask you local Transportation office for the details . We do everything to help you with the paperwork. But normally it is really easy .

Is there an after sales service/support?

Our friendly&professional staff typically respond within 12 hours (time difference) for email and 24/24 for phone calls.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes - 6 months.

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